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Ecological Modelling

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research

Research profile

Andreas Huth (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ) and his group have been engaged in forest modeling, vegetation ecology, carbon balance, and biodiversity for more than 20 years. His group has developed various dynamic simulation models for forests that are applied in different regions of the world (e.g.,  FORMIND). The individual-based forest model FORMIND has been used in several studies on forests in Central Europe. Together with Thorsten Wiegand, he led the ERC project "Spatiodiversity" (ERC Advanced Grant), which investigated the conditions under which tree species can coexist in forests. Additionally, his group conducts research on the dynamics and fragmentation of tropical forests. In the "Helmholtz Alliance Earth System Dynamics EDA," he led the Biosphere section (involving 35 research institutes). Within this project, methods were developed to link forest models with remote sensing measurements. Large-scale forest simulations were conducted for the Amazon region to derive biomass, productivity, and carbon balance. Other research areas include remote sensing (LiDAR, radar), grasslands, theoretical ecology, and inverse modeling.

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